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Milestone of water sports in Europe and beyond, known throughout the world of surfers and kiters as one of the best spots, where the wind is always a guarantee. Why does Porto Pollo after 30 years continue to be on the list of top destinations?

First of all thanks to its position: Porto Pollo is located at the eastern entrance of the strait between Sardinia and Corsica called Bocche di Bonifacio. Are you wondering why this detail is so relevant?
Simple, when the Mistral - NW direction or the Ponente - W direction (Sardinian sovereign winds) blow into the mouths, crossing a sort of narrow passage, they are literally sucked in from the EAST side and the result of the different pressures generates the so-called "Venturi effect". This explains why Porto Pollo is always so windy, together with the fact of being in an extremely strategic position in the middle of the Mediterranean.

In line with the quality standards offered in Costa Smeralda, you will find all the "facilities" that best suit your needs; whether you are a family looking for "kids friendly" beds or restaurants or an exuberant group of friends looking for beach parties and fun, rest assured that here you will find what is right for you.

The third aspect is the morphology of the territory capable of satisfying the most varied needs.

The presence of an isthmus of land, a strip of sand that divides the bay into two beaches, one to the west and one to the east, guarantees multiple sea and wind conditions. It is fascinating how, in the same place at the same time, one can find the choice between surfing on a flat body of water or on small waves.
For this reason Porto Pollo has for years been a paradise for windsurfers who want to learn from scratch and those who practice freestyle and wave riding. For kiters, however, this spot is becoming, in addition to one of the most beautiful places to learn from scratch, also a paradise for practicing BIG AIR and wave riding. The conditions are suitable for everyone: those who have to learn will be able to take advantage of the beach dedicated to schools and therefore free from advanced Kiters, the more experienced, however, will be able to take advantage of the gusts of wind that will allow you to make jumps and maneuvers in BIG AIR style.
Do not forget also the presence of several "wave spots" suitable for advanced Kiter a few minutes away by car.

It is no coincidence that Sardinia is also nicknamed "the Hawaii of Europe", many locations in the world can boast of some of the aforementioned characteristics, but it is probably rare to find them all together in the same location.

Here is what the Legendary Robbie Naish said when he first saw this paradise, the first testimony that made this place great:
“We arrived in this splendid spot on a day with more than 40 mistral knots. In front of us two large bays; crystal clear and turquoise water and the possibility of choosing whether to surf with a "chop" of one meter or with flat water like a salt lake. All this in complete safety with a sandy seabed and costs less than a mile for three hundred and sixty degrees: a perfect natural gym!"

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