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The sport that is having a huge success on social networks has finally arrived in Sardinia!

Wakesurfing is experiencing unprecedented media success, the requests to learn this practice increase every year!

In fact, what better way to spend a windless day, on a boat with friends, away from crowded beaches, experiencing the thrill of "surfing" a real wave without the help of any towing?

Here's how it works:

It will take a few minutes to get up on the wakesurf board, very similar to a wave surf, with the help of the classic sling bar. Once it reaches 15 km / h, the special boat, an X-star mastercraft, will generate a wave behind it.
Here comes the fun part!
As soon as you "entered" the wave, the sling bar is thrown away and you "surf" driven only by the slope of the wave which will have a "surfable" area and always constant speeds.

Wakesurfing is the best way to learn to surf even when there are no wave conditions, without giving up sharing the experience with friends who, from the boat, will be able to film your progress and encourage you to push yourself beyond your limits . All this, refreshed by the sea breeze, immersed in the crystal clear waters of Sardinia.

And why not try the sunset session? When the sky is painted with pink shades and the Island of Spargi offers one of the most beautiful sunset in the area?

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