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CABRINHA CUSTOM - FH Academy Rental Board


  • ideal for Wakestyle
  • maximum performance in flat water and on Kickers
  • exceptional pop
  • rigid flex in the middle and softer on the tip
  • double deep concave with V-shaped bottom
  • round table edges
  • super resistant table
  • can also be used without fins
  • usable with Boot
  • CABRINHA ACE - FH Academy Rental Board


  • volcanic basalt fiber construction
  • light and reactive
  • excellent performance
  • dynamic pop
  • Low SPIN
  • great upwind
  • smooth landing
  • CABRINHA STYLUS - FH Academy Rental Board


  • excellent performance in light wind
  • wide range of use
  • excellent vertical thrust
  • great upwind
  • very good performance upwind
  • CABRINHA SPECTRUM - FH Academy Rental Board


  • new design for 2016
  • possibility of use in a wide range of conditions
  • great upwind
  • smooth landing
  • CABRINHA TRONIC - FH Academy Rental Board


  • rigid lex in the central part, soft on the tip
  • excellent sailing skills
  • quadruple central concave that develops in a double concave on the tip
  • super resistant table
  • excellent in the carvate thanks to the thinner tip
  • easy glide
  • excellent in the chop
  • CABRINHA XCALIBER - FH Academy Rental Board


  • carbon construction
  • rigid flex for maximum response
  • incredible pop
  • excellent sailing skills
  • double central concave that develops in a quadruped concave on tip
  • super resistant table
  • usable with booting
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