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Rental FH Academy Equipment. Available Models.

FX KITE - FH Academy Rental Kite


  • Explosive pop and great hang time.
  • Power delivery.
  • Super vertical boost.
  • Easy relaunch.
  • Highly reactive.
  • Good upwind performance.
  • SWITCHBLADE KITE - FH Academy Rental Kite


  • best performance in the widest range of conditions and the variety of riding styles
  • power delivery
  • great performance
  • easy relaunch
  • RADAR KITE - FH Academy Rental Kite


  • incredible revival
  • ultra responsive and easy to navigate
  • constant and stable shooting
  • easy progress
  • DRIFTER KITE - FH Academy Rental Kite


  • dedicated to Kite Surf
  • exclusive of onshore and offshore optimization options
  • power performance, with the ability to download for a pure surf feeling
  • Incredible revival
  • acceleration and rapid deceleration
  • great for surfing, freestyle with a surfboard, skimboard or wakeboarding
  • CHAOS KITE - FH Academy Rental Kite


  • Designed for maneuvering unhooked
  • explosive pop
  • profiles designed for rapid acceleration
  • excellent wind range
  • support lines for the shape stability
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