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FH Academy SSRL was conceived in December 2014 in Fuerteventura - Corallejo, during a winter season as IKO Level 3 senior instructor of Gabriele Ghione - Founder & CEO - with the intention of bringing quality and innovation to aspiring students.

• The first year - summer season 2015, Porto Pollo - was quick and demanding, but full of satisfactions. Alberto Rondina and Cabrinha supported the project without hesitation. From a small 3mt x 3mt blue tent, FHA managed to carve out its slice of beach and get its school, initially only restricted to kitesurfing with our great JEEP® Sponsor who still supports us.

• The second year - summer season 2016, Porto Pollo - records the introduction of the windsurfing school. It was clear to everyone that FHA was ready for the next steps. New relevant collaborations: sponsor by REEF® Europe .

• The third year - summer season 2017, Porto Pollo - the Cala Di Volpe luxury center was created. A new concept that projects FHA into the yachting world and pushes it to raise the level of the service offered more and more. Furthermore, the "wind chasing" service was introduced, the possibility of making trips by searching for the places most exposed to the wind without being penalized by the wind direction. Strategic and exemplary was the introduction of Posada as a support spot for the sirocco days. New relevant collaborations: RED BULL® .

• The fourth year - summer season 2018, Porto Pollo - the creation of the surf shop in Barrabisa, the opening of the video production house, the opening of the first wakeboard and Wakesurf school and the introduction of the ATM service in Porto Pollo are noted. New relevant collaborations: QOODER® & BETA TOOLS.

FH Academy La Squadra

• Fifth Year - summer season 2019, Porto Pollo - it starts with the opening of the cycling center in Porto Pollo with the support of Giant® Italia , kite brand change in favor of CORE KITEBOARDING . New relevant collaborations: sponsor by Ichnusa .

The FHA team works every year in order to update its offer and attention to detail more and more. Our greatest mission is your satisfaction.

Thanks for reading our experience. 😃

Gabriele Ghione

IKO L3 PRO and I’m the owner of FH-Academy.

Gabriele Ghione

After working for years in various commercial and tourist sectors, I have decided to dedicate my life to transfer the passion and happiness derived from Kitesurf.

It has never been just a hobby, from the beginning I did numerous courses to perfect my personal technical skills and also teaching skills, from IKO modules to PNL courses.

I worked in different spots, with varied features giving me much broader experience in different wind and sea conditions: Vietnam, Canary Islands, Brazil, California, and of course many Italian spot. Also the approach with students of different nationalities and cultures has enriched my teaching method and approach.

The passion for kitesurfing and my conviction that it is more than just a sport, has led me to found the non-profit organization Flyin Hearts, we are experimenting Kitesurf as therapy for adolescents with psycho-behavioral problems.

Working with these guys through Wind Therapy drives me and my team to improve day after day, not only for them but also for all of our students.

Gabriele Ghione CEO of FH Academy

FH Spots

FH Academy holds training in Porto Pollo, Punta Trettu, on the Costa Smeralda at Cala di Volpe and Posada.

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