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Calling it sport is even more restrictive than for Windsurf, Surfing is truly a life style, a nonstop search of the perfect wave at sea and in daily life. Respect and knowledge of the sea are essential; it requires good physical and mental preparation, a good relationship with one's soul, with themselves and with others to live all its essence.


The wide range of our courses offers the opportunity to try and learn the basic techniques with the first level internship (and then be able to deepen the knowledge), and to update and improve in advanced techniques to those who are already a "professional".

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    Stage 1st level you will learn to understand the sea and the waves, tides and rules to follow, the materials. Paddling position, duck dive, Eskimo roll, take off, line up and sweel will no longer be unfamiliar words.

Notes on Surfing as a discipline

With Wave Surfing you will explore a half-known world, that of surfing, physical activity that has only recently acquired several acolytes in Italy. However, it is necessary to mention some historical hints concerning surfing and its origin. The first land where it was practiced was the Hawaii islands in 1700, in fact some primitive wooden planks were found that date back to that period. Over time this discipline has spread throughout the American continent, especially in coastal areas such as California and Florida.

In Italy, surfing began to spread only in the eighties in a rather homogeneous way. Today, this sport is practiced above all in the Mediterranean area and in the north of Sardinia, thanks to the presence of jagged coasts that favor the increase of medium height waves. All the professionals present in Italy are registered with ASI, the official Italian surfing association.

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