SUP tours are the most relaxing way to enjoy the breathtaking beauty of the water of Sardinia and its islands or the adventurous nature of its rivers. We offer solutions for all levels and tastes:

You can choose the classic SUP and E-SUP which, with the help of a very small electric motor, will allow you to travel many kilometers in the water without having to be particularly trained.

Here are some proposals:

GABBIAN ISLAND Tour - duration 1,5 hour -

Your guide will accompany you along the suggestive island of seagulls. The tour is suitable for all levels as the route takes place entirely near the island. It is a must do.

LISCIA RIVER Tour - duration 2 hours -

Sardinia is beautiful not only for its crystal clear sea, but also for its rivers. Let an instructor guide you through the Liscia river by lighting directly from its mouth on the beach. Medium-low difficulty.

SPARGI Tour - duration 2,5 hours -

With an inflatable boat and a guide, you will set sail for the island of Spargi. A breathtaking island located 3 km from Porto Pollo beach. Once you arrive you can enjoy the incredible colors of the Cala Corsara water. Low difficulty.

SWIMMING POOL Tour - duration 2/3 hours -

We will guide you paddling towards the swimming pools of Porto Pollo. After 40min / 1h of navigation we will reach natural pools where it will be impossible to resist the desire to dive! Medium difficulty.

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