The FH Academy Courses

The FH Academy Courses

From FH Academy you will find the solution that's right for you! The offer is varied and, through the different types of courses we want to transmit the desire to live in contact with our greatest passions: the sea, the wind, the waves, surfing, kitesurfing, sup ... It is no coincidence that our philosophy is Wind Therapy !

The island of the Seagulls where we are located (the Isuledda), certainly encourages us in this mission. The particular conformation of the surrounding area is certainly conducive to the conduct of kitesurfing, windsurfing, surfing and sup ... and learning these fantastic water sports has never been so exciting! Try it for yourself!
The bays, the coves, the pristine and hidden beaches are fantastic places to discover with the SUP (stand-up paddle boards) that you can rent at FH academy. The two beautiful bays, divided by a dirt road that leads to the island of the Seagulls, are exclusively dedicated to windsurfing and the other to KiteSurf. Our instructors, many of whom specialize in multiple disciplines will be able to advise you on the best course.
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FHA Inflatable Boat Hour

For those who want to learn or improve their level of riding, away from other kiters and in total safety, FH Academy offers the opportunity to book their hour of class, assisted by the instructor and an inflatable dinghy. The instructor takes the student with the dinghy at a sufficient distance from the coast and other kiters in order for the student to practice without worrying about obstacles.

FHA Advanced Course

The course consists of 5 intense hours aimed to those who already have strong techniques and maneuvers bases. The instructor will follow the student from the beach or from the boat and communicate with him via intercom helmet.

FHA Tandem New Era Course

The course includes the 6 basic hours plus the integration of a Kite Tandem to experience the thrill of maneuvering the kite like a pro right away, and also understand the correct posture on the table, the necessary speed to steer the kite and the feeling of gliding.

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