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Kitesurf Punta Trettu

The most famous Kite School of Porto Pollo, the only one sponsored in Europe by Jeep® opens a new center in one of the most famous Wind Spots in Sardinia, Punta Trettu.

The Crew of FH Academy organizes specifically for those who want to experience the thrill of kitesurfing in one of the most beautiful and windy places in Europe, a wonderful kiter stay on the beach of Cala di Punta Trettu: safe wind and adrenaline and fun .

The beach of Cala di Punta Trettu, is located in the municipality of San Giovanni Suergiu, at Punta Trettu on the southern coast of Sardinia.
A place full of peculiarities that make it unique in its kind. It has a background of mixed gravel sand and soil, the sea has a depth of about 20-30 cm for several tens of meters from the shore, making bathing impractical.
It is precisely this that fascinates us of this sulcitan beach, the rich vegetation that almost overlooks the sea and the old Roman road formed by stone slabs, which flows a few meters from the shore. Also from this unique beach you can enjoy the view on the Sant'Antioco island.

Shallow depths and flat water make it an ideal spot to learn kitesurfing.

The Mistral (North West) is the prevailing wind during spring and summer and in Punta Trettu enters tense and strong. Tramontana (North) enters very strong and cold during the winter (even over 50kn).

Its name literally means narrow tip and refers precisely to the elongated shape that this place assumes. Punta Trettu has been defined by many as the Italian Brazil as it is reminiscent in some ways the north-eastern part of this country. Here the most experienced kiter can juggle the waves of the beautiful blue sea on which strong and powerful winds blow in every period of the year.

For lessons in this new location We use only new materials from the best brands, with the highest standards of resistance and safety: Cabrinha, NP, JP Australia.

Professional radio helmets Bb Talkin ' for optimal communication between student and instructor

KIte Zone

Although Punta Trettu is a place where there are almost no bathers because the water is really shallow (and somewhere muddy), the availability of a small beach, the constant wind blowing, kitesurfing is allowed only in certain areas .

In fact, following the rules of security of the coastguard and the presence of a route channel, two kite zones can be identified:

a kite area for kite schools and their courses / lessons, a kite area for independent kits. In other areas. kitesurfing is not allowed.

Persons kitesurfing outside the permitted kite zones commit a serious offense and may face a fine by the maritime police and the Coast Guard.

From the video it is possible to have a clear idea of the Punta Trettu maps for kitesurfing, and it is possible to control the kite areas and the kite areas not allowed in Punta Trettu.

Our instructors, profound connoisseurs of the area, will guarantee lessons only and exclusively within the permitted kite zone.

Important: Kitesurfing in front of the beach near the parking area is not allowed.

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